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Why Partner with Onpoint?

Onpoint Property Management offers landlords the ability to enjoy hassle free rental property ownership. We look after everything from collecting rent and coordinating repairs to marketing vacancies and finding tenants to fill properties. Onpoint Property Management is a licensed and bonded management company operating out of Winkler, Manitoba. We manage properties in Winkler, Morden, Plum Coulee, and the surrounding Pembina Valley. Our priority at Onpoint is protecting the owners investment. We pride ourselves on being approachable and available when you need us. Our extensive tenant screening processes will result in longer term, higher quality tenants who respect your rental and treat it as their own property. When a unit is vacant, we strive to find a low risk tenant as soon as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the applicant. Please see our FAQ section below for in-depth information on how Onpoint Property Management can benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We are a full service property management company meaning we handle anything and everything when it comes to your investment property. Please see the following list of our service offerings, if you don’t see something you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your request.

  • Rent collection
  • Repair coordination and vendor payment
  • Advertising and filling vacant units
  • Showing vacant units to tenants
  • Screening applicants, verifying tenant information, creating lease agreements, and processing move in/move outs
  • Property inspection and condition reports
  • Ensuring tenant utility accounts are established
  • Verifying tenant is paying utility bills
  • Ensuring basic property maintenance is being made by the tenant (yard maintenance, replace furnace filters, etc.)

How do you approach tenant screening?

We believe that the quality of tenants that are occupying your investment properties is of the utmost importance. When a unit is vacant, we do everything in our power to find a qualified, low risk resident for your unit. We screen tenants using the following process: gather and verify rental history and employment history, call references, and appoint a guarantor if necessary. After meeting the tenant in person and conducting our screening procedure, we only submit applications that we are confident are the right fit for your unit.

What responsibilities will I have as an owner with Onpoint managing my properties?

The only tasks you will have to take care of is paying your mortgage, property taxes, and insurance. Everything else is handled by Onpoint.

What happens when something needs repair on my unit?

Onpoint is the point of contact for any need that the tenant has. If they need something repaired, we will get in touch with our vendor contacts and get the repair made as soon as possible. Usually, for any repair under $100 we will have the work done without bothering the property owner. However, if you’d like to be informed with any work that is required on your property, or if you’d like to make the repair yourself, that can be arranged as well.

If my unit is vacant, how will it be advertised?

We utilize multiple marketing platforms when trying to fill a vacant unit, including: the Onpoint website and Facebook Page, Pembina Valley Online, Kijiji, Varage Sale, as well as local newspapers. In addition, tenants and potential tenants recognize Onpoint as a reliable resource when they’re are searching for a new home. We receive many incoming requests for vacant properties making our industry contacts one of our most valuable marketing platforms.  All advertising costs are paid by Onpoint Property Management.

Do I get to choose how much rent to charge for my unit?

Yes, it is 100% up to the property owner how much rent to charge. That said, we will provide advice on the current rental market conditions in the area.

How are the property management fees calculated?

Onpoint charges a percentage of the rent that is being paid for each unit we manage. We offer discounted services for managing multiple properties. Email, text, or call our office for details on our competitive rates at or 204-325-5248

What information will I receive every month regarding my property?

Onpoint will send out a detailed statement for each property clearly showing rent collected, any repairs that were made, and our management fees. Additionally, you’ll be kept in the loop with anything happening with your property as it happens. Whether it be tenants giving notice, showings on a vacant unit, or anything else; you’ll be in the know.

How does Onpoint being bonded affect me?

Being a bonded property management company means that we operate under strict guidelines set out by the Manitoba Securities Commission. All of our accounts are required to be audited by a CGA to ensure every penny is accounted for as enforced by the Securities Commission. After rent is paid by the tenant, it is deposited into our trust account and paid out to the property owner as soon as possible.

Contact Onpoint Property Management today to relieve the stress from your investment property.

Email, text, or call for information at 204-325-5248


About OnPoint

Onpoint Property Management is a licensed and bonded management company operating out of Winkler Manitoba. We manage properties in Winkler, Morden, Plum Coulee and the surrounding Pembina Valley. If you’re looking for a rental home, we’ve got a wide variety of houses, townhouses, and apartments to choose from. Check out our Current Vacancies page to see what’s available.

If you own rental property and are looking for a trustworthy property manager, visit our Owners page to see what Onpoint can do for you.



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